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SMS Notification Services 简讯服务

We have set up a SMS notification service to inform members of important events and notices. Interested members can sign up by sending a SMS to +65-90038479. Please state “YZT” in the SMS. Note: This SMS service is operated by a network server and does not respond to enquiries. For enquiries, kindly email us at info@yuanzhengtang.org

本堂提供一项简讯(SMS)提醒服务。参加者可通过简讯收到一些重要活动的提醒,及一些及时的通告。有兴趣者请发简讯至 +65-90038479, 注明”YZT”即可。 注意: 此电话 90038479 为电脑用途,并无询问功能。 如您有任何询问,请联络本寺电子邮件info@yuanzhengtang.org。

Kalachakra Ceremony Singapore 2008 / 2008 时轮金刚大法会 (新加坡)

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