一九八四年, 真佛宗創辦人蓮生活佛囑咐蓮暄上師負責把所有當時近萬的真佛宗弟子聯絡起來, 成立圓證堂.
一九八六年, 圓證堂正式注冊為佛教社團, 時乃新加坡第一個及僅有的真佛宗分堂. 當時堂的注冊名稱為 “靈仙精舍圓證堂 (佛教) 靜坐中心”. 活動地點於 MANGIS 路.
一九八七年遷至 ANDREW 路活動. 後又遷至后港 21 街, 第四次遷至芽籠 29 巷 5 樓. 一九九三年, 為響應宗派世界一致, 改為 “真佛宗圓證堂”.
一九九八年, 机緣成熟, 与佛教圖書館成交買下永久地契, 於七月初十蓮師誕喬遷樓下 4 樓, 為新加坡的真佛宗弟子提供一個可容納三百多人的同修道場.

In 1984 , the founder of True Buddha School, Living Buddha Grandmaster Sheng Yen Lu instructed Master Lian Xuan to establish a local chapter in Singapore in order to provide a cultivation centre for True Buddha School disciplines in Singapore. With this order, Master Lian Xuan established Yuan Zheng Tang in Singapore.

In 1986 , Yuan Zheng Tang was officially registered as a society and this was Singapore’s first and only True Buddha School Chapter. The chapter name was Ling Xian Jing She Yuan Zheng Tang Mediation Center with venue in MANGIS road.

In 1987, the chapter moved to ANDREW road and thereafter, shifted to Hougang Street 21. Subsequently, Yuan Zheng Tang was relocated to Level 5 at No. 9 Geylang Lorong 29. In 1993 , the chapter was renamed as True Buddha School Yuan Zheng Tang to reflect the lineage of True Buddha School.

In 1998 , at the right opportunity, True Buddha School Yuan Zheng Tang managed to purchase a freehold unit at Level 4 in the same building at No. 9 Geylang Lorong 29.  The chapter shifted into the new unit during the lunar month (10th of July 1998) which is also the anniversary of Guru Rinpoche. With this establishment,True Buddha School Yuan Zheng Tang has secured a permanent cultivation center which can host 300 people for the True Buddha School disciples in Singapore.