Lineage Root Guru of True Buddha School


1. 「释迦牟尼佛」授记
2. 「阿弥陀佛」咐托
3. 「弥勒菩萨」赐戴红冠
4. 「莲华生大士」授密法(红教大圆满法灌顶及阿闍黎灌顶),授「大圆满法」


1. 白教:「十六世大宝法王」灌顶「五佛严顶灌」、「秘密大灌顶」,授「大手印法」
2. 黄教:「吐登达尔吉上师」赠金刚铃杵(等同无上密灌顶),授「大威德金刚法」(瓶、五佛、无上密)
3. 花教:「萨迦证空喇嘛」授「大圆胜慧法」,亲传诸戒,及阿闍梨灌顶,受无上密部、道果等
4. 红教:「了鸣和尚(清真道长)」教授道法、符箓、地理及密法,得中国密教及藏密红教的诸多大法及灌顶。
5. 总持寺「普方金刚上师」的准提佛母灌顶


1. 蓮生活佛第86本文集《光影騰輝》
2. 蓮生活佛第102本文集《甘露法味》蓮生大持明阿闍黎
3. 蓮生活佛第106本文集《真佛的心燈》說法時的光明
4. 蓮生活佛第116本文集《黃河水長流》青龍寺
5. 蓮生活佛1992年1月7日開示

Grand Master Lu Sheng-Yen Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, also revered as Grand Master, is the root lineage guru of True Buddha School. His emanation is from Mahavairocana to Locana to Padmakumara. Grand Master holds lineage from Ningma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug schools of Tibetan Buddhism and has attained the highest fruition in all four orders: Dzogchen, Mahamudra and The Six Yogas of Naropa, Great Completion, and Yamantaka.

Upholding his vow to liberate sentient beings at any cost, he shows the swiftest way to liberation. He teaches both exoteric and esoteric Buddhism as well as elements on Zen and Taoism, with emphasis on actual practice and integration of the teachings into daily lives. The quintessence of his personal journey, cultivation methods and realizations are embodied in True Buddha Tantra, a powerful and fruitful means well-suited for today’s world.

As of 2006, over 5 million people have taken refuge in the True Buddha School and over 300 chapters world-wide, the True Buddha School is recognized as a major component in Buddhism today. As a true guru with boundless compassion and sublime spiritual attainments, he provides an excellent exemplar for spiritual cultivators in this degenerate age. He leads a disciplined life of spiritual practice, teaching, writing, and painting. He has written over 200 books in Chinese in topics such as Tantric Buddhism, Geomancy, Zen Buddhism, and Taoism. Many of these books are now being translated into English and various other languages.

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